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Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I Am Nobody

I am Easy to Roll, Easy goin

I wonder why sumtimes luv’s sucks…

I hear people whisperin bout me and i still dont f**kin care

I see people hate me but thats the way it is

I want blowin up the world

I am Nobody


I pretend everythin okay

I feel exiled

I touch desperately

I worry i’ve been waitin for nothin

I cry in my stupid broken heart

I am Nobody


I understand i’m f**ked up

I say i’m not okay

I dream somethin that almost impossible

I try to survive and do better

I hope GOD understand what i want..

I am Nobody

  1. cinker says:

    i’m nobody to….!!

  2. setan cupu says:

    @ cinker :
    so do i, and then we are nobody

  3. t i n i says:

    No smoking. Okay? 🙂

  4. cookie says:

    hah handbody *dibaca dengan nada ‘hah hamiill’ *
    hmmm…. no Smoking??
    argghhh…. *SLANK mode ON*

  5. setan cupu says:

    @tini & coki :
    no smoking?
    gak janji yha?

  6. cookie says:

    hi yang punya ni blog, ada PeEr buat anda nih.
    liat disini ya

  7. tukang makan says:

    wahahahaha…ada apa dg kissweapon? romantis pisan? :))

    e btw…

    saiah mo mengucapkan maap sumaap, yhah n_n sekalian met Lebaran, kemaren ga sms krn abis pulsah =_=

  8. […] ni posting hasilnya jadi mirip2 ma posting yang inih, makanya jd berasa repost, […]

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